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Typically Norwegian

If you’ve never been to Norway, but plan to… here’s a word you need to know, KAFFE. It means coffee, and it’s the fuel that keeps Norwegian machinery going. Everywhere you go you’ll see people carrying their thermoses, because only millennials, angsty teens and overall confused people go to Starbucks.  Drive-thru coffee shops are rare, if they ever exist at all. Not to worry, us Norwegians are always prepared. Going for a bus ride? Bring your thermos! Going for a hike? Bring your thermos! Nevermind a bottle of water, we’re so in touch with nature  we drink straight from the rivers and streams. Meeting a friend? Going to choir practice? Going shopping? Everybody together now: Bring your thermos!




A popular sidekick to the thermos, is the empty ice-cream box filled with sandwiches. Nope, we don’t use lunch boxes or coolers, unless we’re planning a day at the beach. Those ice cream boxes do the trick. Earlier today, as I was walking up the stairs to our apartment, I passed a plumber who seemed like he was done for the day, but instead of carrying a toolbox, he was hauling his ice cream  box and… tada… a thermos!  You really can’t survive without those.

I remember last time my parents came to visit. My mom is notorious for her well prepared basket filled with fruit, snacks, ice cream boxes with sandwiches, and thermoses full of- coffee. But something didn’t turn out quite as planned. They were one thermos short. Oh, the horror! My parents exchanged panic-stricken looks, sweat dripping down their foreheads..You could read their thoughts, “no coffee? lord help us”.

I caved in, determined to save the day! Since I only drink java in the mornings to wake up, I offered them my thermos. I have never seen such gratitude since.

So keep in mind: coffee to the people! Help save and uphold the democracy!



And they say hospital food is the worst…

Well, I respectfully disagree. Although it wasn’t  très magnifique, it was tasty and filling after not having had a morsel to eat or a drop of fluid for the past 24 hours. I mean, fresh coffee, juice, rolls, several cheeses and lunch meat plus fresh veggies? Yes please. It was most enjoyable after what I had been through the past few days.

Hey, it’s taken with my cell phone, and NO, it’s not a smart phone, so get over the quality, OK?

4: Things that fascinate me

In no particular order…

1) Languages

2) Weird blogs

3) Items at grocery stores

4) People with really weird faces

5) The way cats walk

6) Hipsters

7) Make-up

8) People standing in line waiting to board the plane

9) Bizarre stories about serial killers

10) Actually, anything that is bizarre, grotesque or unusual

11) The mail. I’m obsessed with mail

12) The moon

13) Anything retro and nostalgic

14) Ugly tattoos

15) Foreign destinations

16) Words

17) Old photographs

18) The ocean

19) Art

20) The smell of coffee beans


I think I have found my new favorite spot in town, Yr! It’s a classy, yet intimate coffee shop/restaurant tucked away in the pedestrian street called Marken in Bergen. The service is not so good, but the food… is delicious! So I guess you can say it’s worth waiting for the sometimes absent-minded waitresses to notice you. Heidi and I went there a few days ago. Get this – if you order a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, you don’t get one or two but a whole glass of the white goodness. Score!

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Tired and hungover.. hehehe!

My happy cup

This is my happy cup. When I feel and look like a monster in the morning (something I usually do), Jamie brings me coffee in this mug. I swear it helps.

I'm a rev'ver upper


Late lunch with the BFF

Tucked away between narrow streets and alleys lies a fabulous little coffee shop/bar by the name of Bar Barista. I rarely go to that side of town, but I always enjoy it. Sandviken is so different — artsy, vibrant and packed with little indie shops, tattoo parlors, hair salons and vintage stores. Today Heidi and I went back to  Bar Barista for carrot cake and coffee. Yum! I have blogged about this place before, and damn if I can only figure out how to hack into the WordPress platform and fix this little kink… For some reason I am not able to insert links, if I did, I’d take ya on a wild ride. So bear with me for now.

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A little piece of Portland in Bergen


My friend and I had coffee at Barista, a cool coffee house/bar/venue in Bergen. It has a retro feel to it, and reminds me a little of the quirky cool hipster hangouts you so often come across in Eugene or Portland. The place is packed with vinyl records, retro arts and band posters. Barista is tucked away in a quiet corner of the city, and if you don’t know about it, it may be hard to come across it by chance. To my great surprise there was a show poster for an old Elvis Costello show in the bathroom – where else but at the Roseland Theatre in Portland. Yay! A little piece of Oregon hits right at home (in the restroom.. haha!)