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My fave song right now!

Hey all, just coming up for air to share my favorite song at the moment. I think I’m a Francophil at heart, at least linguistically wise, since my short stint at the country wasn’t a successful one. But technically, this song is by a Canadian, so nevermind France. I guess I’m a sucker for Canadian bacon marinated in French. Does that make sense? Not at all. Just enjoy the video!



Give it up for…. J.Law!!

Jennifer Lawrence is just beyond awesome. I thought she was amazeballs in “Winter’s Bone”. And now she’s a freakin’ super star! Well done!! And yeah, I guess I could find something better to post than a clip from David Overbite Letterman, but alas, I’m on my third glass of wine and just too lazy. But anyways, I don’t think it matters, because Jen holds her own no matter where she’s at or by whom she’s being interviewed. I love her fast replies. She may very well be my new girl crush!


Neat things (and yeah I’d like them too!)

Paper straws!image

Paper straws!

20s Champange glasses!image

20s Champagne glasses!

Awesome retro bed duvet cover.image

Awesome retro bed duvet cover.

Seashell magnets!image

Seashell magnets!

The original Nintendo Entertainment System!image

The original Nintendo Entertainment System!

Things that will always make you feel better!

Going to the movies and eat super salty popcorn!

Road trip with friends!









Hunting for vintage treasures in thrift stores











Kissing in the rain

Panda bear and orgasm…!

Haaa! Nooo! It’s not what you think, but what a smart way to put those words in the same sentence…. hehehehe. I am talking about NARS The Multiple in Orgasm, you know, the buzzed-about beauty product that every make-up artist and model have in their purses at any given time. So yeah, I’m a sucker for blush so I got it. I like it, but it’s very subtle. My face is flat like a pancake, so I need heavy contouring in order to even look like I’m actually 3D. But it’s nice on lips and lids.

And about that panda….. *swoon*. I spotted this wallet at Target and just had to have it. So much more convenient when running errands or going out on the town that carry that big bag of cards and coins. Love this thing.

On the other side of the world

Right now, my best friends are partying it up in Anette’s new apartment. Oh, how I wish I was there with them! The hardest part about chasing down new adventures on the other side of the world.. is being away from family and friends. I miss them so much! I stole this Instagram pic from Heidi… hehehe. Don’t they look fab? Love you girls!!!

Words of encouragement

Since I am too busy to blog these days, I will just send some words of encouragement and love your ways, and hope that everyone is doing well. The kitten in this photo is too cute for words! Found the image on KONG’s Facebook site. Happy hump day, all ❤