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Consider me grounded

Sunday in Norway. Do you know what that means? In a cultural and social context? It means, “get your lazy ass off the couch, put on your mountain boots/hiking shoes/skis/whatever and have a date with Mother Nature in all its glory”!

I’m from a small town that’s just absolutely gorgeous. Every day I’m met with a stunning view of snow-covered mountain tops and I love it. I mean, I love looking at it. I’ve just  never felt the need to climb them. Actually, I’ve never felt the need to be outdoors at all – a huge disappointment to my sporty mom. What gives?

When I was a small child, I was terrified of flies. FLIES! We’re not talking bees or rattle snakes or bears. Buzzing flies. I was also scared of pine cones. Don’t laugh! It was actually so bad that my dad had to carry me whenever they tried to evoke in me a sense of belonging to nature. I just lack that gene. I seriously do.

I think the sun stresses the heck out of Norwegians. It’s like they just HAVE to get outside no matter what. I suspect I’m part alien since I’ve always preferred sitting on my ass reading or writing instead. I find walking or hiking to be…. boring. Unless I have a dog with me (because animals change everything!), I can do without.

Poster child for the Norwegian mental/sporty state. Image.

Poster child for the Norwegian mental/sporty state. Image.

The folks around here use Facebook as a tool to compete with each other. Where they’ve been, which mountains they’ve climbed or how they survived a snow storm up on Mount Whatever. To me this is a big yawn, but trust me – it’s huge here. Huge! No Sunday brunches, matinés, going out for breakfast or a lazy stroll in the park.

I probably sound like the laziest person on the planet (and I probably am!), but I prefer group exercise like aerobics or dancing to get in shape and burn calories. Grasping for air atop a peak is just not appealing to me, especially since I’m super clumsy and prone to fall even on a straight paved road.

But give me a dog and I’ll happily walk all day. There is just something about the presence of a happy dog that makes even Mount Everest seem like a fun, spontaneous thing to do on a gloomy Sunday morning. Walking with people… meh.


Y’all can climb all the cliffs you want, I’m content with a cup of Chai tea and a book while occasionally looking out the window.

Happy Sunday!


Give it up for…. J.Law!!

Jennifer Lawrence is just beyond awesome. I thought she was amazeballs in “Winter’s Bone”. And now she’s a freakin’ super star! Well done!! And yeah, I guess I could find something better to post than a clip from David Overbite Letterman, but alas, I’m on my third glass of wine and just too lazy. But anyways, I don’t think it matters, because Jen holds her own no matter where she’s at or by whom she’s being interviewed. I love her fast replies. She may very well be my new girl crush!


A little piece of heaven came to my door

Since I’m a girly girl most comfortable in a pair of A-line dresses, cute shoes, clear skin and the ability to change my make-up according to my mood I see NO reason for me to excuse myself for being born a girl and thus obsessing over everything glittery. It’s a form of expression and art and aesthetics all in a simple brush stroke. But, alas, I digress. The piece of heaven I previously mentioned is in all its simplicity but no less divine than a box from Sephora. I will test them for some time and give you an honest feedback. Products received thus far are NARS The Multiple in Orgasm, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Porcelain (yah, I am FAIR, get over it), Too Faced Lip Injection and Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer – both long time favorites. I also got this drop-deap gorgeous make-up palette by Urban Decay called NAKED. Just look at it, drool! So far I’m impressed. The shadows are easy to blend and you can create various looks depending on your mood and time of day.



NARS’ The Multiple goes leaves a sheer, shimmer-y pink on my cheeks, but you can also use it on your chin and temples for subtle contouring. It’s not called The Multiple for nothing!

28: To sum it up….

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10: Meme of the day #2

Again, this is ALSO soooo me. Yes, I am a self-centered bitch that only wants to do what suits me at any given moment. So what?

That's right, biatches!

8: That awkward moment when…

Somebody snaps a pic of you when you’re just being your happy, goofy self instead of posing like the next big super model. Oh, the horror!

Good morning!

Or good afternoon, good evening or good night – depending on your location and life style. I’m still sick. But this blog is not a health problem blog, so to divert myself and whomever might be reading, I’ll post a happy picture. How about a dish of little piglets for breakfast? 😛

Don’t eat us!