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Music Monday: The PETODY edition!

Let me just start off by saying: BOOKMARK THIS! You will need it when you need a break, need a laugh, or just want to shut out everything else. I just recently stumbled upon the genius that is The Pet Collective, a YouTube channel owned by Freemantle Media, which features everything PETS! Could it be more awesome? I think not. I’m just in love with Ruffhanna, the dobie channeling her inner Rihanna. Just take a look at these videos, you will never regret it.

Also, check out this “behind the scenes” video:


OK, moving on. Here is Pawdele barking out her “Digging in the Deep”.

And.. introducing Corgi Rae!

Dexter fans, check this out:

HAHAHA, I D I E !!!!!!!

And here is One Directon…eerrr..excuse me, I meant Pup Direction:

And… (finally, for this post at least) The Fresh Pup of Bel Air!


Reunited at last!

I had a much-needed reunion with the best of the best this weekend. Despite the worst jet lag of my life, I braced the freezing cold and rode the nine-hour long bus ride on icy roads to Bergen to see my friends. Bless them, because I have missed them like crazy. I don’t think I’d risk my life on Norway’s worst roads  (the video shows the road in the summer, imagine a snows storm, tons of cars and you get the picture) for anyone else. Trust me, it’s like riding  a tuk-tuk on top of the Chinese wall or something. Or at least that’s what it feels like to me. Anyways, the scenery IS stunning, so I guess it’s worth the narrow, winding roads and endless tunnels.


I stayed with Heidi, who’s hands down the best host ever!! Who else gets up at the crack of dawn to serve me fresh rolls, boiled eggs, coffee and an assortment of cheeses and condiments for breakfast? I love you! We always laugh so much when we’re together that my stomach still hurts. And no taxi driver can stand us after a few glasses of wine. They’ll drop us off blocks before our destination. Oh well, no tip for you suckas!


We met the other girls at Anja’s for a clothes exchange party. So much fun! Basically we all need to clean out our wardrobe every now and then, but instead of throwing it away or donating to a thrift store, we swapped with each other. The lucky ones got “Chanel” bags and timeless blazers, while the rest of us made hasty decisions in a wine-fueled haze that left us with either too small or too big garments, something to ponder about the next morning with a hangover. Good times!




The hostess with the mostess, and the pile of clothes!

The hostess with the mostess, and the pile of clothes!

Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing ft Florence Welch

Words cannot describe the wonder that is Florence Welch. I’d marry her in a heart beat. She makes music that makes angels cry and elves lifting their earth-ridden spirits to the sky. Poles shift and cardiovascular catastrophes happen. So when this ticking time bomb jazzes it up with groovy dance rhythms, we have ourselves a hefty slam-bam-thank-you-mam -start to the glorious year that will be, say it with me, 2013!


Make your wishes for 2013 come true – A WishDog giveaway

UPDATE: Heidi is the lucky winner of the WishDog 🙂

No this is not some spam to take advantage for soul-searchers when 2012 is coming to an end! So what exactly IS a WishDog, you may wonder? It’s not a real dog, and no animals were harmed in the making. They are a part of the wonderful franchise that is Gallery Burguieres, a long time friend of mine. They are little magical dogs that are born in the magical city of New Orleans and are just waiting to make all of your dreams come true. What better way to start the new year? I will pick one winner only.

I will make your dreams come true  <3

I will make your dreams come true ❤

All you have to do is leave me your name and e-mail in the comments field, and tell me why you need a wish dog.  I will contact the winner on the 29th, so that means you have almost three days. Good luck!

This is Ally Burguieres – fabulous, gorgeous AND vegan. She has a Ph.D in linguistics and is (like me) a total air head like all artists are. You can read more about this crazy fabulous person under the ALLY category. Yes! She does indeed deserve her own category here, for so many reason. You should have seen the care packages she sends me, they are too crazy for words. And her voice mails. I wish I could pod cast them all. Haha!

This is Ally. Isn't she gorgeous? I only wish I would have done the make-up for this photo, because I can do everything better when it comes to that. But you can put her bare faced under a flash light and she'd still look flawless :)

This is Ally. Isn’t she gorgeous? I only wish I would have done the make-up for this photo, because I can do everything better when it comes to that. But you can put her bare faced under a flash light and she’d still look flawless 🙂

 2013 – a year for compassion, friendship, recycling, humanitarian work, help the helpless and foster homeless animals. Anyone can do it. Spread the word.

Things that will always make you feel better!

Going to the movies and eat super salty popcorn!

Road trip with friends!









Hunting for vintage treasures in thrift stores











Kissing in the rain

Music Monday: All Saints

If you grew up in the 80s/90s you might remember the Brit pop group All Saints. Especially if you are from Europe 😉 Anyways, I’m in a sentimental mood tonight, and listening to the song “Pure Shores” brings backs angsty memories of being an awkward 18-year old in high school. Ah… those times. Long ago, but not forgotten. This song was featured on the Leonardo DiCaprio flick “The Beach”.


Let’s all do one thing in the name of charity!

Hey folks!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I’ve been a little busy with a very cute project, CALLIE!  She’s a young dog that’s basically grown up in a shelter, and we are taking her in as “foster parents” to train her and to see how she’ll do in a home. It’s a lot of work, but oh so rewarding. If we can help out just the slightest bit so she can get to her forever home, I’m thankful.

She’s been here exactly seven hours now, and she seems to be doing OK. She’s a little bit stressed of course, and a tad naughty as puppies should be 🙂 but she’s so smart and an avid learner that teaching her is a joy. She’s just a pure sweet heart!

Here she is in her new bed:

I’m up for adoption, and I’m a true gem!