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“If we could live happy and healthy lives without hurting others, why whouldn’t we?”

That’s a good question.

So without futher comments, I present you Leon, the piglet on wheels.

Being born a ‘farm’ pig, Leon was destined for the plate, but then an accident caused by his injured mum (which claimed the life of two of his siblings) saw Leon up against it again. With his right hind femur both broken and dislocated, plus an injured hock and ligament damage on the other side, things could not have looked much grimmer for the wee chap. But no one told the plucky little Leon that these obstacles of his world should hold him back. His life was precious, and thankfully this was recognized by a kind hearted soul who sought a better outcome for Leon.



What shaped me

When I was turning 16 it wasn’t so sweet. I was an angsty teenager who threw fits and didn’t know where I belonged, or what I was supposed to do. And yes, this is one of those sappy posts that reminisce about past times and which – in retrospect – almost always make sense.

I found my refuge in music. It was my solace, inspiration, motivation and escape from my own world. What I found in music was what kept me afloat. And there is only one album I can credit that for. It prompted the start of my own recognition – the journey of my own transcending into a more spiritual awareness. It all started with Jewel. And to this day I have to remind myself I wouldn’t be where I am today without the epic CD Pieces of You, acrylic paint, the arts of Paul Gauguin and writing. Today I’m 32, but whenever I hear this song, I’m traveling back in time, reliving my youth, cherishing the memories and thinking  I’ve had a heck of a ride. And it will keep going, because as humans we are  all always in some kind of transition, whether it be relationships, work, ideologies, dreams, ambitions…. you name it.

This song will always be my favorite. Because it made something inside of me alive, and whatever that was soothed me in some of my most difficult times.


Music Monday: Ava

While my own mouth is on vacation, enjoy this perle from Candian Cœur de pirate . . and dream of what may come, what you will and what your heart tries to tell you to think.

Happy Monday!

Let’s make this a resolution anyone can do in 2013


NOAH, Greenhill Humane Society1st Avenue Shelter, S.A.R.A, Oregon Humane Society, Seattle Humane Society , Umpqua Valley Humane Society are just few of the shelters in the Oregon/Washington area. You can add a link to you local humane society in the comments field. Together we can make a difference!


Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing ft Florence Welch

Words cannot describe the wonder that is Florence Welch. I’d marry her in a heart beat. She makes music that makes angels cry and elves lifting their earth-ridden spirits to the sky. Poles shift and cardiovascular catastrophes happen. So when this ticking time bomb jazzes it up with groovy dance rhythms, we have ourselves a hefty slam-bam-thank-you-mam -start to the glorious year that will be, say it with me, 2013!


Make your wishes for 2013 come true – A WishDog giveaway

UPDATE: Heidi is the lucky winner of the WishDog 🙂

No this is not some spam to take advantage for soul-searchers when 2012 is coming to an end! So what exactly IS a WishDog, you may wonder? It’s not a real dog, and no animals were harmed in the making. They are a part of the wonderful franchise that is Gallery Burguieres, a long time friend of mine. They are little magical dogs that are born in the magical city of New Orleans and are just waiting to make all of your dreams come true. What better way to start the new year? I will pick one winner only.

I will make your dreams come true  <3

I will make your dreams come true ❤

All you have to do is leave me your name and e-mail in the comments field, and tell me why you need a wish dog.  I will contact the winner on the 29th, so that means you have almost three days. Good luck!

This is Ally Burguieres – fabulous, gorgeous AND vegan. She has a Ph.D in linguistics and is (like me) a total air head like all artists are. You can read more about this crazy fabulous person under the ALLY category. Yes! She does indeed deserve her own category here, for so many reason. You should have seen the care packages she sends me, they are too crazy for words. And her voice mails. I wish I could pod cast them all. Haha!

This is Ally. Isn't she gorgeous? I only wish I would have done the make-up for this photo, because I can do everything better when it comes to that. But you can put her bare faced under a flash light and she'd still look flawless :)

This is Ally. Isn’t she gorgeous? I only wish I would have done the make-up for this photo, because I can do everything better when it comes to that. But you can put her bare faced under a flash light and she’d still look flawless 🙂

 2013 – a year for compassion, friendship, recycling, humanitarian work, help the helpless and foster homeless animals. Anyone can do it. Spread the word.

Stray Cat Strut!

For those fun nights with wine and karaoke!