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2013 – A look back

This year has gone by so fast! But I can’t say I’ve been a very active blogger. I aim to change that come next year. But first – let’s take a look back. A very random month-by-month recap.


Still living in Oakridge, capital of nowhere Oregon. Going through the final steps of my application to once again become a permanent resident of these glorious states.

Callie - a pure delight!

Callie – a pure delight!

We were still fostering Callie from Greenhill. That included lots of training, walks (I think I became known as the crazy dog lady around town.. who knows. It was a weird place). I love and miss her. Last I heard she got adopted in Portland. Yay!


I was anxiously checking the mail every day because I needed a document to travel aboard while my I-405 application was pending. It’s called advance parole. Yep. Felt like a criminal. I’m not gonna bore you with government stuff (trust me, you don’t want to know) – but there IS a federal website you can knock yourself out with if you want to read.. say.. about all the different kinds of immigration applications. But I digress. I finally got my permission to leave the US and take a trip back to Norway. Oh joy! I celebrated my mom’s birthday, ate tons of food, hung out with friends and had a grand ole time.

We visited Kristiansund and ate ball!

We visited Kristiansund and ate ball!

My lovely view

My lovely view

Hung out with my bestie!

Hung out with my bestie!

And had a grand old time!

And had a grand old time!


Got back to the States and the job hunt began. ‘Twas time to get back into the carousel! Because, ta da, my PAROLE also doubled as a work permit. Wohoo!

So I spent some days at Starbucks updating my resume, sending out e-mails and even joined Linked In. I also became a PERMANENT RESIDENT (meaning I got a Green Card!) Victory! Justice!

Yes, it's green. No, this is not me.

Yes, it’s green. No, this is not me.


Got a job! Woot! And we packed up our belongings and hauled it all the 150 miles to Portland. And I’ve been great at keeping it weird. During my first week, I got a spider bite on my eye. Yep. So I was “the new girl with the eye”.

It became a LOT worse. But I am saving your eyes. No pun intended.

It became a LOT worse. But I am saving your eyes. No pun intended.

Where I work!

Where I work!


Worked a lot.. slept… worked. Tried to find my way around the city. I was completely turned around the first few weeks, even though I literally live 10 blocks away from work. Made new friends, kept keeping Portland weird (you know it) and tried not to melt away during the heat wave.


The hood. There's a market every Saturday.

The hood. There’s a market every Saturday.


Worked more.. tried to stay cool. It was really hot, you guys. Realllllllly hot. Good thing we have a roof top with a pretty nice view!

Rooftop view!

Rooftop view!

My attempt to be a domestic goddess.

My attempt to be a domestic goddess.


Got a promotion! New hours at work, meaning I didn’t have to do the graveyard shift  anymore. I got to see daylight! Take walks! Be a normal (…) human being! I got to socialize! Yay!

Summer BBQ

Summer BBQ

Hawthorne residents got it right!

Hawthorne residents got it right!

Beer fest, baby!

Beer fest, baby!


Ally came for a visit! She says it was to see me, but I think her REAL mission was to promote her business, Wish Dogs.. hehehe. Still love you, though!

She found her twin!

She found her twin!

And we walked... A LOT!

And we walked… A LOT!

Sporting my immigrant pride!

Sporting my immigrant pride!


Hmm.. what did we do in September? This year has just really flown by so fast. And if you’re wondering why there are so few pics of Jamie, it’s because he’s back and forth all the time. Still looking for a job in Portland, but he’s still got job down in Eugene and Oakridge. Spread the word, peeps! He’s a real handyman that does excellent work!

He's also a rocker!

He’s also a rocker!


Halloween, picking apples, visiting Sauvie Island. Good times.






Supporting “Movember” of course!



Whoa! Already? This year has, like I previously stated, flown away. Been so busy with work that I’ve barely noticed the season change. I hope next year will be even better, and that I get to see my friends and my family more, and that we will all stay healthy and happy. Right now I’m so lucky to be in Norway for Christmas, and I will post some pictures later. It’s really stormy here, so not much snow (boo!) but nonetheless – it’s great that both Jamie and I get to be here. I get a much-anticipated visit from my BFF tomorrow! Bring on the wine and the snacks, and get ready for a LOUD time! Haha! 😀

A great find!

A great find!

Company Christmas party - this is one of the decent pics!

Company Christmas party – this is one of the decent pics!

The obligatory selfie

The obligatory selfie

Puppy snuggles at work! A definitive highlight!

Puppy snuggles at work! A definitive highlight!


Happy hump day!

Or happy Wine Wednesday, whatever you prefer. Just stopping by to tell you all that I’m alive and well. Sorry for the lack of blogging, but I’ve been busier than usual with stuff I’m not going to bore you with. Right now I’m enjoying a glass of crisp, cold pinot grigio after a visit to the local Chinese restaurant that just had their grand opening with the new owner. I think the whole city was there, including the mayor and his entourage. The new owner, by the way, was nowhere to be seen. He was busy cooking for a whole village all by his lonesome.

I’ve got a lot happening in the next few weeks, including a trip to my beloved homeland, Norway! Can’t wait to see my family and friends again! Yay! My combi card, proudly issued by USCIS arrived in the mail yesterday, so I’m once again one step closer to become a permanent PERMANENT resident of these glorious states.

Callie, my sweet foster dog is with me right now, and she wants y’all to know that she wants her FOREVER home, like stat! She’s tired of shuttling between the shelter and this house, even though she loves it here. So if you know someone who needs a faithful and feisty K9 companion, look no further. Callie is ready.


2012 – A recap

Boy was 2012 a challenging year, with visa issues for Jamie  while I was working and studying full-time at the university. I didn’t feel like I was at a happy place in my life most of the time, it was a constant struggle. There is so much more to the story that I don’t wish to share here, it would just be too private. But all in all I had some wonderful moments as well, thanks to my dear friends and family who kept me sane through it all.

There are times I miss living in Bergen, Norway, but the timing was just off. Either that, or the universe gets a kick out of playing cruel jokes on me! Hats off to my parents, who have been there for me through everything. Traveling here, traveling there, working here, working there, moving 12 times during the past decade, back and forth like a restless caterpillar. I think sometimes I don’t allow myself to feel completely happy in case I jinx it. It’s a terrible feeling, and I have battled with anxiety for years now. Sometimes I think that if I am just content, something bad will come along and ruin it.

So I have decided not to allow myself to think like that anymore;  the universe has a plan for us all, and all we can do is ride along and do our best. That is why I will try my hardest not to  dwell on possible dangers around each corner.  I hereby choose to look forward to what 2013 will bring me.

Here is what made me happy in 2012:

* Getting a job at TV 2 in  Bergen so I could continue my career in broadcast journalism while living in one of the most beautiful cities in Norway. Added bonus: most of my friends lived there and it was happy times when we all got together. I cherished every moment.

* Finally making enough money to justify a college degree. Just saying.

* Living closer to my parents and my extended family. Getting to see my cousin’s newborn and be a part of her baptism. ❤

* Endless bus rides Bergen – Sykkylven.

* Being able to eat the foods I missed while living in the US.

* Attend lots and lots of family dinners, coffee parties or just hanging out with loved ones.

* Snuggling with my cats again.

* The view from our house in Sykkylven. It’s the most beautiful sight ever. It’s literally breathtaking.

* Seeing Jamie help my dad with work outside the house.

* Being able to attend my mom’s choir’s concerts.

* Free healthcare!

* Making new friends and finding out once and for all who were my true friends through it all.

* The smell in the springtime after a really heavy rainfall.

* Norwegian fauna.

* I discovered Californication and Entourage. Geez. What took me to long?

* I traveled back to the US again when the time was right. It was one of those things that made totally sense in the moment. Even though Jamie’s visa was approved two days later. Remember what I said about how ironic my life is sometimes? Obviously this is not meant to be easy.

* I got to be in Erik & Snehata’s wedding, and snuggle with Rudy again!

* I got to see new parts of America that I’d never seen before.

* I’m probably bragging a little, but I’m becoming quite the cook 🙂

* I fostered a dog from the local humane society.

* I gave more money to charity and homeless people.

Jamie and I are still together, we will celebrate our 6th anniversary on February 14th. We still don’t know where we will be at the end of this year. But we will make it fabulous.


Hi from my hiatus

Holy crap! It’s DECEMBER already!! I almost cannot believe it! That is, if it weren’t for all the flashy lights and tacky holiday balloons decorating this neighborhood. So much for sustainable energy, folks! Tell that to the guy in ammo gear setting up his umpteenth inflatable music-playing reindeer on his lawn. Callie is scared of these spectacles as she should be.

As you probably have noticed I have lacked big time with my blogging lately. Without going into details, lemme just say that I have been busy trying to sort out a few immigration dilemmas. Nothing too major, it’s just one of many humps in the road for a two-country resident.

Meanwhile, I am still enjoying the quirks of small-town America accompanied by Calllie, my amazing foster dog. She is the apple of my eye these days. And yes, she is still up for adoption, so I hope a kind and gentle soul will be opening his or her home for this awesome canine in due time for the holidays.

If you’ll all excuse me, I have a glass of bubbly with my name on it and an episode of Revenge in my queue. (Although I think the show has gone downhill this season, I still watch it for Conrad. And Victoria. And EMILY!)

PS: I am OBSESSED with hats lately. More than ever. Also worth mentioning; BB cream, Clinique Almost lipstick in Black Honey, Ciaté, flirting with young clerks at the grocery store, listening to NPR, cuddling up by the fire, avoiding anything Honey Boo-Boo, the Kardashians and Taylor Swift, revisiting Norwegian folklore and eating noodles. Lots of noodles. Top ramen is highly underappreciated.

Perfect for bad hairdays!

Perfect for bad hairdays!

Happy (kissing) Tuesday!

I’m excited! Today we are turning in all of the necessary paperwork for my I-485 application, so that my life can FINALLY start again. Also, I’m in the process of getting to foster a dog from the local humane society. Since I’m not in a position to permanently commit to a furry friend – helping out this way is the least I can do. I can’t wait to hike the gorgeous trails around here with a canine companion while watching the trees turn every shade of red and gold.

Here’s a kiss to make your Tuesday a fabulous one 😀

Too many thoughts

Sometimes I wish I could tune out my own head and my own stream of endless thoughts. Doubt, regret, hope, joy, confusion…. they’re all inside me at any given time. My main source of concern these days is – WHAT TO DO? Do we stay here in the US and go through my Green Card application again, or do we go back to Norway where Jamie has an approved visa waiting for him? What do we spend money on? Immigration fees or plane tickets? Jamie’s visa is only valid for a year, and I would need to get a permanent job with a solid income in order to keep him there with me, and I can’t see any jobs there right now that I would want. Honestly, I don’t. Over here, I feel there are TONS of options. But, and there is always a but, I need the papers first. I want to be close to my family as we are all getting older. I don’t want to miss out on anything. I want to be there and see the kids grow up. I miss my friends. But at the same time, I know we will settle there one day. And there is also so much left here undiscovered. I long for a new adventure and I want to move to another city to pursue my dreams.

Words of advice greatly appreciated.

The paperwork NEVER ends

Oh, the irony. I can’t remember if I’ve written this before or not, my blogging these days is anything but punctual. However, to make a long story short – the day after I set my wobbly feet back on US soil I got a letter from our attorney. Jamie had been granted his Norwegian visa. Earth, please: shake, crack and spit me, for I can take no more. Let me remind you, we struggled for two freaking years to get that decision. We thought all hope was lost, not literally, but for the time being, and we needed a change. So I quit my job, sold our furniture, moved the rest of our belongings back to mom and dad, and decided to head west once again. Tada! And then, THEN, on the other side of the world, sans jobs and a crib, Norway decided they wanted us after all. Well, tough shit.

We’ll go back one day, of course. But right now, we’re back to scratch, filling out the paperwork for the alien (that would be me). And some of the questions I need to answer YES or No to, sound like these,

“Do you intend to engage in the United States in espionage?”

“Have you ever ordered, incited, called for, committed, assisted, helped with, or otherwise participated in …. acts involving torture or genocide?”

Why, yes. Is that going to be a problem? Kidding.

Jokes aside, I’m looking forward to the day Jamie and I can live “normally” (what’s normal, anyways?) without having to file applications and applications in order to live like a married couple on the same continent without some bizarre deadline looming.