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Soothing music for the soul


What shaped me

When I was turning 16 it wasn’t so sweet. I was an angsty teenager who threw fits and didn’t know where I belonged, or what I was supposed to do. And yes, this is one of those sappy posts that reminisce about past times and which – in retrospect – almost always make sense.

I found my refuge in music. It was my solace, inspiration, motivation and escape from my own world. What I found in music was what kept me afloat. And there is only one album I can credit that for. It prompted the start of my own recognition – the journey of my own transcending into a more spiritual awareness. It all started with Jewel. And to this day I have to remind myself I wouldn’t be where I am today without the epic CD Pieces of You, acrylic paint, the arts of Paul Gauguin and writing. Today I’m 32, but whenever I hear this song, I’m traveling back in time, reliving my youth, cherishing the memories and thinking  I’ve had a heck of a ride. And it will keep going, because as humans we are  all always in some kind of transition, whether it be relationships, work, ideologies, dreams, ambitions…. you name it.

This song will always be my favorite. Because it made something inside of me alive, and whatever that was soothed me in some of my most difficult times.


Music Monday: ‘Cause I heart Florence

Is any introduction necessary here? Behold the FAB Florence + The Machine Spectrum


Slipping through my fingers… then suddenly gone

Do you know the feeling?

Ah yes. You should know by now that I’m such a geek. I’m a sucker for drama, lyrics, music, literature…words. They haunt me and make me suffer. I become the meaning. It’s scary yet so wonderful.

I currently love this amazing song. Enjoy, get lost and resurface.


Music Monday – Radiohead – Creep

Because yes. Music is feeling art, expressionism at its finest, at worst – a wailing reminder that you do something wrong. But alas when all is right in the world, yet something is still amiss… we turn to music. Because within notes and lyrics lie the truth.


I’m in LOVE!

Oh what else is new. I’m in love with the arts! Music, paintings, literature, blogs, poetry – everything that makes this world a little more beautiful.

Right now I’m obsessed with Swedish sister-duo band First Aid Kit.

Check ’em out.

Music Monday: Ava

While my own mouth is on vacation, enjoy this perle from Candian Cœur de pirate . . and dream of what may come, what you will and what your heart tries to tell you to think.

Happy Monday!