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Music Monday: ‘Cause I heart Florence

Is any introduction necessary here? Behold the FAB Florence + The Machine Spectrum



Music Monday: Norah Jones

Memory escapes me, but I’m sure I’ve posted this song before… But who cares  Norah Jones is fabulous  – and perfect with a glass of red wine on a Monday.

Cheers to an incredible week!


Music Monday – Radiohead – Creep

Because yes. Music is feeling art, expressionism at its finest, at worst – a wailing reminder that you do something wrong. But alas when all is right in the world, yet something is still amiss… we turn to music. Because within notes and lyrics lie the truth.


Music Monday: Eddie Money

Wohoo! Get your mullet on and rock away the Monday blues. Eddie Money is here and he wants to take you home tonight. Rock on.


Music Monday: Ava

While my own mouth is on vacation, enjoy this perle from Candian Cœur de pirate . . and dream of what may come, what you will and what your heart tries to tell you to think.

Happy Monday!

Music Monday: sexy swag

That is. . if you can dig this song, perhaps you can name me the movie it was in? Well, it’s probably been in a few ones, but this one particularly features a very handsome Aussie.

Anyhow, I’m off to bed, it’s noon and WAY past my bedtime. You know what happens when Google map ever so helpfully points out the closest department stores (WalMart..cough cough) to you? They find the ones that are in a different county. So just so happens we end up in Washington state on our way home. Figures.

So I had to chill out with this song before I go to bed.


Music Monday: Rock star in outer space!!!

This is so cool that words lack me. Check out this amazing video of astronaut Chris Hadfield doing his version David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”. It’s recorded inside the International Space Station. Kudos. You, my sir, are my hero.