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Baby it’s cold outside


My Facebook feed is cluttered with status updates about the weather. Yes, it – 7 outside, it’s freezing but come on. Why the need to post hourly updates about the freaking weather? Such a pet peeve! Sorry weather nerds, I really don’t give a shit. Perhaps it’s because I’m from a country where a “storm” doesn’t mean rainy wind gusts – it means huge waves on the fjord, shut down ferries, trees falling, houses creaking, planes cancelled or not being able to land. It seems “weather” is viewed differently in the U.S., and even though I’ve lived here a while it never ceases to amaze how much people just freak out. (Yes, Americans freak out about everything, but you know what I mean.) It’s snowing – OMG! We need to cancel school, delay buses, tell people that they need to put on extra clothes or else they’ll die. Seriously – this happens every year. Enforce the use of studded tires, include weather driving when taking the driver’s license test (use a “fake ice field” for training – it’s awesome!) and for crying out loud – learn to deal with snow/ice/frost – we’re people living on a planet and we have weather! Adapt already!


/rant over




Hefty Headlines!


Out of context or in context, sensational or not – these headlines stood out on the web today. Friday entertainment brought by yours truly!

Oprah Loves Foreskin on Her Face (umm… say what?)

Atomic kittens: German 400-year-old weapons manuscript reveals medieval plans to strap bombs to cats (horrible!)

Dead poet speaks out on guns (ok, from the grave then?) From CNN’s front page, however, after I click on the link, the headline instead reads, “After death, great poet still speaks out on guns”. Hmm.. still tricky.

Subway sorry its “Footlong” came up short

German Soldiers Are Growing Boobs On One Side of Their Bodies, Oh, Okay

Scientist: I’m NOT seeking a mom for a Neanderthal (I sure hope not! By the way, that debate is just insane.)

Norway goat cheese fire closes tunnel (OK, not from today, but you gotta love news from the homeland!)

The Time I Called Pope Benedict “The Devil” To His Face  (you go, girl)

Boehner: End Abortion “This Year” (Well, nevermind the crumbling economy, thousands of homeless, kids growing up in abusive homes, unfit parents, abandoned veterans, rising debts, etc… the war on women is certainly the main goal.)

How To Make and Ice Luge In a Hotel Room (Hey, if ya gotta party, ya might as well get it right)

Couple has been living under a rock for 30 years  (Literally)

2012 – A recap

Boy was 2012 a challenging year, with visa issues for Jamie  while I was working and studying full-time at the university. I didn’t feel like I was at a happy place in my life most of the time, it was a constant struggle. There is so much more to the story that I don’t wish to share here, it would just be too private. But all in all I had some wonderful moments as well, thanks to my dear friends and family who kept me sane through it all.

There are times I miss living in Bergen, Norway, but the timing was just off. Either that, or the universe gets a kick out of playing cruel jokes on me! Hats off to my parents, who have been there for me through everything. Traveling here, traveling there, working here, working there, moving 12 times during the past decade, back and forth like a restless caterpillar. I think sometimes I don’t allow myself to feel completely happy in case I jinx it. It’s a terrible feeling, and I have battled with anxiety for years now. Sometimes I think that if I am just content, something bad will come along and ruin it.

So I have decided not to allow myself to think like that anymore;  the universe has a plan for us all, and all we can do is ride along and do our best. That is why I will try my hardest not to  dwell on possible dangers around each corner.  I hereby choose to look forward to what 2013 will bring me.

Here is what made me happy in 2012:

* Getting a job at TV 2 in  Bergen so I could continue my career in broadcast journalism while living in one of the most beautiful cities in Norway. Added bonus: most of my friends lived there and it was happy times when we all got together. I cherished every moment.

* Finally making enough money to justify a college degree. Just saying.

* Living closer to my parents and my extended family. Getting to see my cousin’s newborn and be a part of her baptism. ❤

* Endless bus rides Bergen – Sykkylven.

* Being able to eat the foods I missed while living in the US.

* Attend lots and lots of family dinners, coffee parties or just hanging out with loved ones.

* Snuggling with my cats again.

* The view from our house in Sykkylven. It’s the most beautiful sight ever. It’s literally breathtaking.

* Seeing Jamie help my dad with work outside the house.

* Being able to attend my mom’s choir’s concerts.

* Free healthcare!

* Making new friends and finding out once and for all who were my true friends through it all.

* The smell in the springtime after a really heavy rainfall.

* Norwegian fauna.

* I discovered Californication and Entourage. Geez. What took me to long?

* I traveled back to the US again when the time was right. It was one of those things that made totally sense in the moment. Even though Jamie’s visa was approved two days later. Remember what I said about how ironic my life is sometimes? Obviously this is not meant to be easy.

* I got to be in Erik & Snehata’s wedding, and snuggle with Rudy again!

* I got to see new parts of America that I’d never seen before.

* I’m probably bragging a little, but I’m becoming quite the cook 🙂

* I fostered a dog from the local humane society.

* I gave more money to charity and homeless people.

Jamie and I are still together, we will celebrate our 6th anniversary on February 14th. We still don’t know where we will be at the end of this year. But we will make it fabulous.


At a loss for words

Today was another dark chapter in the history of humanity. My mind can barely comprehend the horrific massacre that took the lives of innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut today. Why? What kind of world are we living in? What kind of people do this? How can we heal? Too many questions, and not a single answer. My heart breaks for the parents who lost their little ones today. For anyone who lost a loved one in this beyond horrible tragedy.

When are we going to wake up? What is it going to take? When are gun-advocates going to stop hiding behind the 2nd amendment, and when can we admit that stricter gun laws are not taboo? When can we grasp the fact that the answer does not involve giving out more guns as a means for better protection? When can we provide proper care to those suffering from mental illnesses, and when can we wake up to a new day in a culture that does not breathe violence? And when will it be possible to detect the red flags so that tragedies like this won’t happen again? Will there ever be hope? Can we ever feel safe?

19: “Have ya heard the news?”

Working in news is crazy. For some reason a lot of people think that what appears on the screen in broadcast news just happens magically and don’t think about the process and all the people help make it happen. To point out the obvious, bad writing can really ruin the whole story, but sometimes what’s going on out in the world is so incomprehensible it blows everyone’s mind. I could go on forever, but usually what happens in the newsroom stays in the newsroom 🙂

Anyways. I am off track here. What I really wanted to post was a little snippet from a newspaper in Iowa, dated in 1957. It honestly made my day.

EAST HAMPTON, CONN. (AP) – A search of Lake Pocotopaug for a reported drowning victim was called off here Tuesday when it was realized that one of the volunteers helping the search, Robert Hausmann, 23, of East Hampton, was the person being sought.

– Des Moines Register, 20 September 1957

State of Play

Have you seen the movie? It’s a political thriller starring Russel Crowe and Ben Affleck. It centers around a journalist (Crowe) and a congressman (Affleck) and the investigation into the murder of a young woman. Add lies, conspiracies, political rhetorics, looming deadlines, espionage, moral dilemmas and the power of media and you have a well-crafted suspense thriller.

I came across  a clip on YouTube that I wanted to share. My friends (and former colleagues) Denae and Natasha both play “themselves” as news anchors in the movie. It was filmed at KVAL‘s studio in Eugene. Pretty cool! 🙂

Amanda Knox goes free

I’ve been following this story (some say obsessively) since its beginning. When I was a producer at KVAL News, KOMO’s sister station, it was natural to cover it since Knox is from Seattle. A good-looking, rich American student charged with murdering her British room-mate? Juicy, for sure. The incident soon became a pop culture phenomenon, people tweeting “guilty” or “innocent”, online debates raged whether or not the Italian court system was flawed or whether or not Knox “would burn in hell” (the average American argument, you know, the eye-for-an-eye mentality, case in point? the Anthony trial). In 2009, Knox and her ex boyfriend, Italian Raffaele Sollecito,  were sentenced to 26 and 24 years in prison, respectively. I don’t know why, but I felt a weird sympathy for Knox. We were both young exchange students in foreign countries. I also shared a house with several girls when I went to school. What if one of them had been found dead? Would I have been charged with murder? God knows I didn’t get along with them, so how would that look in the eyes of a jury?  It’s important that we don’t forget the victim here. Somebody IS guilty of killing Meredith Kercher. But for now, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito go free. Rudy Guede is still serving a 16 year sentence.

Maybe some day we’ll know what happened.