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Typically Norwegian

If you’ve never been to Norway, but plan to… here’s a word you need to know, KAFFE. It means coffee, and it’s the fuel that keeps Norwegian machinery going. Everywhere you go you’ll see people carrying their thermoses, because only millennials, angsty teens and overall confused people go to Starbucks.  Drive-thru coffee shops are rare, if they ever exist at all. Not to worry, us Norwegians are always prepared. Going for a bus ride? Bring your thermos! Going for a hike? Bring your thermos! Nevermind a bottle of water, we’re so in touch with nature  we drink straight from the rivers and streams. Meeting a friend? Going to choir practice? Going shopping? Everybody together now: Bring your thermos!




A popular sidekick to the thermos, is the empty ice-cream box filled with sandwiches. Nope, we don’t use lunch boxes or coolers, unless we’re planning a day at the beach. Those ice cream boxes do the trick. Earlier today, as I was walking up the stairs to our apartment, I passed a plumber who seemed like he was done for the day, but instead of carrying a toolbox, he was hauling his ice cream  box and… tada… a thermos!  You really can’t survive without those.

I remember last time my parents came to visit. My mom is notorious for her well prepared basket filled with fruit, snacks, ice cream boxes with sandwiches, and thermoses full of- coffee. But something didn’t turn out quite as planned. They were one thermos short. Oh, the horror! My parents exchanged panic-stricken looks, sweat dripping down their foreheads..You could read their thoughts, “no coffee? lord help us”.

I caved in, determined to save the day! Since I only drink java in the mornings to wake up, I offered them my thermos. I have never seen such gratitude since.

So keep in mind: coffee to the people! Help save and uphold the democracy!



Hefty Headlines!


Out of context or in context, sensational or not – these headlines stood out on the web today. Friday entertainment brought by yours truly!

Oprah Loves Foreskin on Her Face (umm… say what?)

Atomic kittens: German 400-year-old weapons manuscript reveals medieval plans to strap bombs to cats (horrible!)

Dead poet speaks out on guns (ok, from the grave then?) From CNN’s front page, however, after I click on the link, the headline instead reads, “After death, great poet still speaks out on guns”. Hmm.. still tricky.

Subway sorry its “Footlong” came up short

German Soldiers Are Growing Boobs On One Side of Their Bodies, Oh, Okay

Scientist: I’m NOT seeking a mom for a Neanderthal (I sure hope not! By the way, that debate is just insane.)

Norway goat cheese fire closes tunnel (OK, not from today, but you gotta love news from the homeland!)

The Time I Called Pope Benedict “The Devil” To His Face  (you go, girl)

Boehner: End Abortion “This Year” (Well, nevermind the crumbling economy, thousands of homeless, kids growing up in abusive homes, unfit parents, abandoned veterans, rising debts, etc… the war on women is certainly the main goal.)

How To Make and Ice Luge In a Hotel Room (Hey, if ya gotta party, ya might as well get it right)

Couple has been living under a rock for 30 years  (Literally)

22: Hiking

View from Aurenakken, in Sykkylven


Why roadtrips in Norway are no good

Bad roads, closed roads, sheep, sketchy boat schedules and bad fast food. I really love this commercial that hits the nail on the head when it comes to road conditions over here.

Musings on small town Norway

Hello, I live in Sykkylven, Norway, and I……

*am at a party, introduce myself and the person tells me he/she already knows who I am, what I do and where I’ve been

*get stared at by folks who don’t instantly recognize me

*crave diversity

*can get everywhere even if I don’t have a car

*need to plan my shopping since everything closes down during the summer, holidays and on weekends

*always see the same people when I go “downtown”

*often get behind a tractor going down the road

*wish there were a place I could get an iced latte

*wish there were other people that didn’t
a) work at Ekornes
b) are busy popping out kids
c) isolate themselves with their significant others
d) do all of the above

*find myself wondering why people consider this music

*wish there were other things to do than to join a soccer league, a marching band or the linedancing club

*really don’t find Klypa funny at all

*wish more people didn’t worship countrymusic

*still get taken away by the beautiful scenery every time I look out the window

*feel lucky to live close to my family 🙂

It’s a winter wonderland!

I gotta say wow. It’s only October, and the leaves haven’t left the trees yet.

Two weeks ago it was hot enough to wear T-shirts, today we have to bundle up in winter attire. Just out of nowhere we got hit with a giant blast of snow. I’m not complaining, though. It’s just stunning.

Home sweet home