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  1. I finally had my wisdom teeth pulled (all four at once!) so I’ve spent the last few days recovering at home. I’ve been surviving on yoghurt, smoothies and Netflix. Thank goodness I found a binge-worthy show to keep me occupied. I don’t know what took me so long, but I FINALLY watched Broadchurch. Highly recommended!
  2. It’s March, which means we’re closer to spring. I have so many places I want to visit here in the Pacific Northwest this year.
  3. I’ve been a bit obsessed with Korean sheet masks. They’re everything your skin needs.
  4. I’m trying to get better at ‘living in the moment’ (call it mindfulness, whatever). That means just savoring the time I spend – whether with friends or alone – without the need to post on social media or constantly checking my phone. SoMe can be such a mood killer sometimes. Try a few days without. You’ll be happier.
  5. I want to volunteer at an animal shelter. It gives me so much. And I miss those sloppy doggie kisses .
  6. I need to drink more tea. Preferably green.
  7. I’ve probably read every Karin Slaughter book out there. I was hooked on gritty crime for a while.
  8. I’m planning our next road trip!



Broadchurch. Watch it on Netflix now.




I was going to say it’s great to be back……. but WordPress added a whole lotta restrictions and fees since last time… sooo.. I don’t know if I’ll keep blogging on this platform.

I’ve been absent for a long time, but for good reasons. And now I think it’s a good time to get back into the blogging game.. but we’ll see. Maybe it’s a bug on my computer, but who knows.

Instead of music I’ll give you two excited/hopeful faces for what 2017 might bring. Yes, it’s  a shitshow right now… but I have faith in humanity. Let’s see what the powers of good can do!



Is it spring again?

And just like that, you’ll see some more posts up on my blog! We’ve taken a long, much-needed vacation from – not so much the blogosphere – but the lofty task of committing. We’re nomads at heart, so perhaps I should write more about that aspect of our life? Maybe later. For right now enjoy the treat that is spring in Seattle (with special appearance by San Francisco )

When life hands you lemons…

.. Ask for tequila and salt! That sounds goofy, yes, but it’s a reminder that whenever there are bumps in the road, there’s always a way to overcome them. Even if you need a drink. We’re all humans after all!

I haven’t been a good blogger lately. I’ve been busy with work, life, everyday stuff. But I’ll try to write more, because it’s therapeutic to me. Sure, what rants and nonsense I put on here probably won’t draw a huge audience, but that’s not the point. It’s a diary I can look back at whenever I need to. I call it a diary, but I’m not sharing super personal stuff – about myself or others. I’m just another person using the internet as an outlet for whatever reason that might be.

Today I want to focus on happiness. How it can be a choice. And how you can do anything in YOUR ability to find out own path and overcome obstacles.


Message from the elusive blogger

I haven’t given up on this blog, I swear! I’ve been swamped the past few months, as well as not having a working computer from which to spew my knowledge/bullshit, but just hang in there.. I will be back soon!


A Few of My Favorite People in Portrait

A Few of My Favorite People in Portrait.

Are books — and their readers — an endangered species?

Interesting piece by Caitlin Kelly. Reblogged.


20131219120434By Caitlin Kelly

This recent piece in The New York Times makes sadly clear why the notion of producing a book — a dream for many — is becoming more of a fool’s errand:

Overall book sales have been anemic in recent years, declining 6 percent in the first half of 2013 alone. But the profits of publishers have remained largely intact; in the same period only one of what were then still the “big six” trade houses reported a decline on its bottom line. This is partly because of the higher margins on e-books. But it has also been achieved by publishers cutting costs, especially for mid-list titles.

The “mid-list” in trade publishing parlance is a bit like the middle class in American politics: Anything below it is rarely mentioned in polite company. It comprises pretty much all new titles that are not potential blockbusters. But it’s the space…

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