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Baby it’s cold outside


My Facebook feed is cluttered with status updates about the weather. Yes, it – 7 outside, it’s freezing but come on. Why the need to post hourly updates about the freaking weather? Such a pet peeve! Sorry weather nerds, I really don’t give a shit. Perhaps it’s because I’m from a country where a “storm” doesn’t mean rainy wind gusts – it means huge waves on the fjord, shut down ferries, trees falling, houses creaking, planes cancelled or not being able to land. It seems “weather” is viewed differently in the U.S., and even though I’ve lived here a while it never ceases to amaze how much people just freak out. (Yes, Americans freak out about everything, but you know what I mean.) It’s snowing – OMG! We need to cancel school, delay buses, tell people that they need to put on extra clothes or else they’ll die. Seriously – this happens every year. Enforce the use of studded tires, include weather driving when taking the driver’s license test (use a “fake ice field” for training – it’s awesome!) and for crying out loud – learn to deal with snow/ice/frost – we’re people living on a planet and we have weather! Adapt already!


/rant over




Hype hype hype!!!

I am usually skeptic to products that receive a lot of hype. Usually bloggers will get paid to recommend a product, or magazines will randomly put several products together on a page based on the layout and design, rather than the quality of the products. Unless you’ve lived in a cage the past few months you’ve read about REN. I have blogged about the line before, but I am officially HOOKED! Nothing makes my skin so soft and supple as the REN moisturizer. Hands down. 100 % natural and not tested on animals. A little pricey, yes, but trust me, it’s worth it.


Not worth it, on the other hand, is Smashbox’s primer. It’s packed with parabens (yuck) and smells weird. Didn’t do anything good for my skin, but left me with three zits. Thumbs down.